Tips For Increasing Workspace Productivity

Whether you work from home, in a small firm or a very large one, Your immediate surroundings during business hours affects your success rate. Making your workspace more fun ensures you relax fully and equips you emotionally for your business.  Studies have actually proved this little theory and expressed that workplace and productivity are infinitely aligned towards your focusing ability. It has to be discerned that a well-designed workspace increases productivity to about 20%.

But despite all this theories and convictions, a lot of employers do not input this into their budget plans, more often because of finance. So how do you increase your productivity and feel good about your job? Here are some few tips to help you down that path:


This is a very important factor as no one likes to work in a dark room. A badly lit room not only reduces your performance rate but causes eyestrain, headaches and makes you more tired than you really should feel. Invest in a great desktop lamp and save your eyes from all that strain


The color of office is also very important. Colors have great impacts on our moods and functionalities. Picking the right color will ensure you always receive the right booster to enjoy your job even when it’s boring or challenging. But remember too much of color may overwhelm and cause undesired effects. Colors such as blue are known to increase your confidence level. Even if you work from home, consider repainting that corner of your room that is your workspace, it focuses it all.

For an office worker, repainting your space may not be a good idea as your employer may not feel good about it. So to counter those effects of a bleak office, invest in the following:

  • Customize your PC with a goofy picture
  • Invest in memoirs and customized cartoonish stationeries
  • Try using breathtaking pictures on your desk and wall
  • Put up some sticky notes with inspirational quotes
Temperature and Noise level

Regulate your room temperature by investing in a sweater, blankets, and warm footwear, they help increase comfort. Also, ensure the Noise level of your environment is reduced to a very low level. You can invest in noise cancellation device but it’s important you do not go for complete quiet. That too can be distracting; you can try using great music services to help you relax.


The air you breathe can be as distracting as it can be pleasant. Surround yourself with lovely scents by bringing in a good room fragrance and an added souvenir, a Pot plant. Also, ensure to make sure that your workspace is well ventilated. If you work in a company, try installing air filter for yourself and at least during the day, open your doors and windows from a breath of fresh air.

Productivity is very important in every business venture; making you more dedicated is not all about personality. Your workspace or environment is also important.

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