Patience Ozokwor- Biography, Career, Net Worth And More

Patience Ozokwor is a Nigerian Actress, singer and fashion designer. She remains till date, one of the most talented actresses in the country with many accolades and awards received. Popularly known as “ Mama G,” she is indeed an icon in the Entertainment Industry.

Early Life

Patience Ozokwor was born on the 25th of March in the year 1958 within the village settlement of Amaobo, `Ngwo in Enugu State. She did her primary education within the village before moving to Lagos where she did her high school education in Abimbola Gibson Memorial School. At the end of her secondary school education, she got married of which she was only 19 at the time. Despite her early marriage, she also moved to further her education at the Women’s Training College, where she received a degree in Teaching.


Patience began acting right within the four walls of her secondary school when she performed the role of  Hamlet which is one of the many works of Shakespeare and mostly taught within the Nigerian secondary school system.

At her graduation, from the Training College, she received an assignment as a teacher in a secondary school, where she worked for about four years. After four years, she sought greener pastures and moved onto radio broadcasting at a favorite radio station where she worked for some time as a radio presenter and newscaster until the closure of the station.

She also opened a training college for young school children mostly, school dropouts. In this institution, she taught them hair making and skin care business helping them build a future for themselves. The Enugu State government sponsored this project, and from this singular act, she was appointed to the political position of the assistant to the wife of the Mayor, within her local government in Enugu State.

Amidst all of this, Patience was also featured in many movie productions including a soap opera by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) titled “Someone Cares.”   She has also starred in many movie productions such as “Living in Bondage,” a blockbuster movie made by Nollywood in 1999. She remains one of the Pioneers in the Nigerian movie Industry. Some other movies she has made include “ Idemili,” ‘The Calabash,’ ‘Old School’ and many others. In the year, 2000, Patience lost her husband to a devastating illness.


Patience has resigned from the active role of film production and is currently an Evangelist in the Christian religion. She has three biological children and five adopted children, all bearing her name. She is a warm and agile personality.

Awards/ Nominations

Patience Ozokwor has received many awards including “Best Actress of the Year” at the Arfican Magic Viewers awards and many other accolades.

Patience Ozokwor Net worth

Patience Ozokwor is currently estimated to have a net worth of about N390 million



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