Osita Iheme a.k.a Pawpaw: Biography, Career, Movies, Net Worth And more

Osita Iheme a.k.a Pawpaw is a popular Nollywood actor and he stands out as a result of his small statue and hilarious acting.

He got the name Pawpaw as a result of the role he played in the movie “Aki na Ukwa” alongside Chinedu Ikedieze where they acted as mischievous twins.

Osita besides acting is also the founder of Inspired Movement Africa, an organization set up to inspire, motivate and stimulate young Nigerians and Africans in general to achieve greatness.

Early Life And Education

Osita Iheme was born into a family of five children on 20th February 1982 and hails from Mbaitoli in Imo State, Nigeria.

He had his primary and secondary education in Abia state and his tertiary education at Lagos where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Lagos.


He debuted his acting career in the movie Aki na Ukwa where he acted as Pawpaw alongside Chinedu Ikedieze who acted as Aki.

In that movie he played the role of a mischievous child and was subsequently cast as that in other movie until his acting roles evolved into more mature ones.


Osita Iheme is one of the very regular faces in the Nigerian movie industry and has featured in more than 200 movies since his debut. Below is a list of some of the movies he has acted in:

  • Games men play 5: Computer Games is our game (2018)
  • The Self-Destruction of Little Mark (2017)
  • John and Johnny Just Come (2015 )
  • Tom and Jerry (originally released in 2003, re-released in 2008)
  • Mirro boy (2010)
  • Markus D Millionaire (2008)
  • Stubborn Flies (2007)
  • Brain Box (2006)
  • Criminal Law (2006)
  • Boys from Holland (2006)
  • Royal Messengers (2006)
  • Young Masters (2006)
  • Winning Your Love (2006)
  • Jadon (2006)
  • Remote Control (2006)
  • Last Challenge (2006)
  • Holy Diamond (2005)
  • Village Boys (2005)
  • I Think Twice (2005)
  • Spoiler (2005)
  • Secret Adventure (2005)
  • Reggae Boys (2005)
  • Colours of Emotion (2005)
  • Final World Cup (2005)
  • My Business (2005)
  • American Husband (2004)
  • Big Daddies (2004)
  • Columbia Connection (2004)
  • Daddy Must Obey (2004)
  • Ibu (2004)
  • Baby Police 2 (2004)
  • 2 Rats (2003)
  • Aki na Ukwa (2003)
  • I’m in Love (2003)
  • Baby Police 3 (2003)
  • Back from America 2 (2003)
  • Green Snake (2003)
  • Good Mother (2003)
  • Nicodemus (2003)
  • Nwa Teacher (2003)
  • Charge & Bail (2003)
  • Tell Them (2003)
  • Oke Belgium (2003)
  • Informant (2003)
  • Johnny Just Come (2003)
  • Twin Brothers (2003)
  • Aka Gum (2002)
  • Okwu na uka (2002)


Osita Iheme has received so many awards as a result of his acting career but the most notable awards were; the Lifetime Achievement Award at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2007 and; being a 2011 recipient of Nigerian National Honours as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) for his contributions to the Entertainment industry.

Success Secrets

Osita disclosed that the grace of God is the secret of his success. He further revealed that he always had a flair for acting while growing up as he was involved in the drama group in his local church and his friends attested to his talent.

However, according to him , he also learnt how to act by watching movies which helped boost his confidence.

About Nollywood

The actor has been involved in Nollywood for over a decade and in an interview, his opinion was that the industry is making tremendous progress as the technical expertise has improved.

He also noted the amount of Nollywood movies premiering at the cinemas as a sign that things were looking up. Osita also gave the industry thumps up for providing employment for so many Nigerians including marketers, actors, make-up artists and so many others

Aki and Pawpaw

Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze are known as Pawpaw and Aki respectively. He revealed that he was discovered alongside Aki by a popular movie producer named Kasvid.

According to Pawpaw, he met the movie producer at Enugu in 2002 and that though he (Kasvid) met him and Aki individually he went on to link the two of them together and create the Aki and Pawpaw brand.

On his part Aki disclosed that he met Kasvid after graduating from IMT and about to proceed for NYSC but he was invited by the producer to a movie location at Enugu where he met his movie twin Pawpaw.

Kasvid who died recently in January 2018 from an auto crash is known to have produced many popular Nollywood movies including Aki and Pawpaw, Mr Ibu in London, Issakabba and others.


The actor disclosed that he has plans of going into politics soon. He believes that actors represent the masses and that politics is a good opportunity to serve and positively impact lives rather than watch from the sidelines.

Marriage/ Relationship

Osita Iheme is currently single and he disclosed that he is single as a result of his inability to find the right person.

Although there were rumors that he and Ghanaian actress Nana Ama Mcbrown were dating, the actor has come out to dismiss such rumors.

He plans to get married as soon as finds the right person.

Osita Iheme Net worth

The actor is estimated to have a net worth of about $2 million and besides acting is involved in lots of other businesses.



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