Steven Seagal (Hollywood Actor) Appointed Russian Envoy

Hollywood actor and martial arts expert Steven Seagal has been appointed as a special representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with his focus on humanitarian issues with the United States.

This announcement was made late Saturday on Facebook by the Russian Foreign Ministry who also disclosed that he will be focused on furthering “Russian- American relations”.

Steven Seagal was given a Russian citizenship in 2016 but how he will accomplish his job objective is not yet clear.

American- Russian relations have worsened over the last two years after the Americans accused Russia with interference in their electoral process which produced the current President Donald Trump.

The news has been awash will stories of how the Russian government aided Donald Trump to victory as he was preferred over Hillary Clinton. Though Donald Trump and his campaign team have denied allegations of ties with Russia, but the FBI and other intelligence community have refused to back down on their investigations of a Russian government involvement; and they have repeatedly disclosed that Russia interfered with the elections.

According to the Facebook post, Steven Seagal’s appointment is an unpaid one and will focus arts, culture, public and youth exchanges.

Seagal has been a criticic of the U.S government but also a strong advocate of Russia’s policies including the 2014 annexation of Crimea.

This may have led to his being banned from entering Ukraine for five years by the Ukrainian government, citing national security reasons.

Steven Seagal now in his sixties is a popular actor in Hollywood known for his action movies where he uses his martial arts and combat skills to triumph over evil.

Seagal whose paternal grandparents were Russian Jews is also a producer, screen writer, director and musician.



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