How To Become A Great Salesman

A great salesman is a valuable asset to any business as he/she can make things happen and create tremendous value for the organization. This is because sales in itself is an art.

This article covers some of the fundamental tips to becoming a great salesman which are captured below.

  • Put the Customers First– First and foremost, you must ensure putting your customers first in your business; because you must understand that you cannot sell anyone anything if they don’t trust you. This is where sincerity comes into play- convincing someone that they need something that you are selling requires that you balance sincerity with your desire to make the sale. You must be assertive, firm and more so, honest to the core to make the sales happen. Otherwise, if they don’t trust you, they are less willing to make an intelligent buying decision. The danger in being dishonest while making a sale is that you would lose potential referrals.
  • Blame Nobody– As a great salesperson; learn never to blame anyone for your inability to make a potential sale. It is ultimately and entirely the customers decision whether or not to buy something, so don’t treat it as a failure on your part, if your customers choose not to buy. However, think of yourself as a counselor in a transaction. More so, you have only to make your suggestions, be as helpful as possible to your customers and move on when the deal is completed, whether you are successful or not successful with the business transaction.
  • Forget Bad Sales– Learn to treat each failed sales as practice because spending lots of time on a sale that falls through can be frustrating and discouraging altogether; but learning to pull through and quickly approaching new opportunities afresh is the best way to become a more successful salesperson.
  • Ask for the Sale– A great salesman would try as much as possible to ask for the sale from the customer, if the customer is having a difficult time making the decision. Asking for the sale would mean “would you like me to bring this product up to the checkout stand for you while you continue your shopping?”. Please, be extremely polite in your mannerism and approach, so as not to piss off your customer.
  • Empathize– It might interest you to know that people buy things as a means to an end. Therefore, understanding your customers’ desires and adopting them yourself will make you a great salesman. More so, you must allow your customers to lead interactions and ask questions to determine their desires. If a customer expresses interest in a particular item, ask what it is they like about it but allow them to choose the products that they feel good about.
  • Follow-up– This is important as it can turn customers into raving fans who will return to you in the future. This will also result in referrals from your customers and promotion from your employers; as a great salesman who goes the extra mile with calls or visit to the customers; to make sure that they are 100% happy with their purchase.
  • Anticipate Objection– Here, a salesman must pay close attention to the customers’ reaction. As you pitch the product to them, always remember that you are there to sell whatever will make them feel really good about their purchase. Guessing what part of the product or price the customer is objecting to, will help you respond tactfully and persuasively, as well.
  • Be Logical- Balance your desire to make a sale with what product makes sense for your customer. If you are on commission, it can be very tempting to always up sell;or try to get customers interested in the most expensive items. So, you must ensure to be logical in your sales approach with your customers.

Becoming a great salesman isn’t so difficult after all. Practicing these tips could transform you from an average sales man to a great one.


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