How to Add Or Change A Windows User Account

Do you know you can add several  Windows user account to your computer with its individual password and settings? You can also edit settings of your current accounts. Here’s how you can achieve this on varying versions of Microsoft Windows:

To Change settings on a User’s account on Windows 7
  1. Click on the Start button and select the user account image to access the user account options.
  2. You would see a number of options available for the current active account, Change your password, Change your picture, Change your account name, Remove your password or Change your account type.

III. To change settings for a given windows user account, select the Manage other accounts option and select the account you would wish to effect changes in.

  1. You can either
  • Change Account Name – by selecting the option and typing in your desired new account’s name
  • Change Account’s password – by selecting the “Change your password” and type the current password and followed by the new password twice. And then click on “Change Password” to save changes.
  • Change Account type- by selecting the “Change the account type” option and then select either Administrator to give full access privileges (thereby making it the primary account) or standard (restricting access to select settings and features). And then click on “Change Account Type” to save changes.
  • Change Account image – by selecting the current image and choosing “Change your picture” enabling you to select your desired picture, you will be redirected to a new window to browse for a picture any other folder in the computer. After selecting your desired image, click on “Change Picture” to save changes.
To Create a New Windows User Account on Windows 7
  1. Click on the Start button, select the User account image to access the user account settings and select “Manage another account”
  2. Click “Create a New account”, enter the account name and select the account type.

III. Select “Create Account” to save changes.

To Create a New Windows User Account on Windows 10
  1. Click the start button, select the user account at the top of the menu and Select the “Change Account Settings” from the list of options to change Account image, Account name, password etc.
  2. To add a New User account, click on the option “Family & other users from the list on the left”. Click on the “+” sign next to Add someone else to this PC and follow the subsequent on-screen instructions.

III. Changing account type of a current user also involves clicking on the “Family & other users from the list on the left” and selecting Change Account type which will bring up a pop up window showing account types. Select your desired type from the drop-down list and click OK.


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