Here Are Reasons Why Stress Is Making It Harder For You To Get Pregnant

Have you ever wondered about the adverse effects of stress? Yes, stress can do so much than hamper on your emotions. It can make it more difficult getting pregnant.

Yes, stress can affect fertility in many ways although it is not usually jaunted it as the case, it often happens with other factors in place. But yes, it is a serious issue.

Stress can result in many ways; it could be from your work or your mind. Every bit of it can hamper your chances of getting pregnant. Stress alone is never the sole factor, but it can lead to a lifestyle that will ruin those chances, it can push out unhealthy behaviors such as:

  1. Sleeping too much or too little
  2. Overeating (because of the emotional roller coaster) or eating too small
  3. Having a too low physical activity or indulging in mind grueling task to mask the pain you feel inside
  4. Smoking excessively
  5. Drinking too much coffee
  6. Loss of interest in your Partner

All of these and more will hamper on your baby making hormones, and they are all stress depended, having doubts? Let’s talk about it.

Connection 1: Stress and Sleep towards getting pregnant

When you have a very tight schedule that means you are up early and very late to bed, this disrupts the natural flow in your body and hence will affect cycles including your reproductive cycles. Having only 5 hours of sleep or working at late night shifts do hamper on your stress level and may lead to infertility. Studies have also shown that stress from late night shifts can, in fact, lead to a miscarriage or irregular menstruation.

You should try as much as possible to sleep well at night and avoid the late night shift, or if you can’t, do ensure to sleep better during the day. You can also add these little plans into your bedtime routine:

  • Have a strict bedtime routine
  • Ensure to stay away from your emails
  • Avoid taking caffeine in the afternoons and evenings
  • Try making a cup of herbal tea before the evening
  • Try having your bedroom TV switched off before
Connection 2: How emotional eating hampers on you getting pregnant?

Naturally, Stress had significant impacts on your eating pattern in many ways. Due to stress you have more tendencies to either engaging in Binge eating or becoming anorexic. Did you know that obesity has many negative impacts on fertility in Women as well as men? Yes, it does and in a huge way. In the same way, being skinny doesn’t also mean you are healthy, build a better eating plan.

Eating the wrong food such as junk food can hamper your reproductive potential negatively by distorting your menstrual cycle and leading to no ovulation. Which means no ovulation, no pregnancy.

Also, stay away from extreme diet plans and let your diet have lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins and low-fat content. Never seek to eliminate a class of food; it will result in dire consequences

Connection 3: Have some physical activity, but not too much

Having a great exercise plan will help reduce stress and give you a much healthier build. This exercise plan should be at least 45 minutes few times in the week, but the trick to having a healthy body comes with balancing out your life plan. Hence, you should try to have a lot of physical activity within recommended patterns but do not have yourself hopping all over the place all week due to sprains or strains as a result of overworking yourself.

Connection 4: Enjoy Your Coffee, But Within Limits

After hard work in the morning hours, you may want to have an extra cup of coffee to take you through the afternoon, but this should be frowned upon. Studies have shown that too much caffeine does have pronounced effects on fertility and may reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Even as much as 4 cups of coffee a day is plenty, you should instead opt for having maybe green tea or a relaxing cup of fruit juice to help you through the day

Connection 5: Limit Alcohols and stay away from smoking

Smoking is bad for your health; Alcohol can be quite useful for you in “minute” quantities. Also, Alcohol has been shown to have many undesirable effects on pregnancy. You should limit these habits to an occasional glass or two but no more than that in weeks.

Smoking has undesirable effects on fertility as well; you should stay away from it entirely, no matter how much it is your gateway getting rid of all that unwanted emotions.

Connection 6: Stress and Fertility

Do you know that a healthy dose of sex after walk can keep you flushed, youthful and alleviate stress?. Yes, it can but initiating it after a very stressful day can be challenging and downright impossible.

This is because stress has many negative impacts on your sexual urge giving you that constant air of not being in the mood. But then you can work on it.No matter your schedule, you should try as much as you can to have sex with your partner every night, and I quote not because deep down you want a baby, but because you wish to explore and have a bit of fun with your partner.

Yes, having a baby, maybe your priority but continuously thinking about it can be incredibly distracting. Also, stop timing sex to rhyme with ovulation, you only place your body on extreme mental stress, and you may not get the desired result. You must try to live a peaceful existence if you wish to have all you want.


Stress may not cause infertility, but from all you have seen so far, it can reduce your chances of getting pregnant and is a significant factor that must be taken into consideration. If you cannot be much help yourself in alleviating stress, you should try to see a therapist.


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